South of the Border
Producer: André van Rensburg
Number of discs: 1

‘Concrete’ marks Andre van Rensburg’s 1st solo full-length album project. Recorded and produced in Taipei from 2006 – 2007, it reflects the surreal environment of a modern world in conflict with itself, finding beauty and sensuality in the chaos of the modern city.
Blending rock, jazz, classical and ambient styles and textures, it creates an album that will startle, amuse and entrance.
The music on Concrete is highly intense and is filled with unexpected turns and changes, a sonic blend of dissonance and harmony. Rather than seeing his work as ‘experimental’ or ‘avant-garde’ Andre prefers to describe his music as ‘hyper-realism’, reflecting daily life and thought in sound texture. As such it does not always have predictable repetitions or outcomes. Never taking himself too seriously, however, ‘Concrete’ is still highly enjoyable, playful and humorous in its experimentations.